Avitaminosis: symptoms, causes, treatment. The first symptoms of beriberi and hypovitaminosis

Often rarely anyone pays attention to mild ailment, problems with digestion and sleep. So you can skip the initial signs of avitaminosis. In order to prevent such a condition, you need to know how to deal with vitamin deficiencies correctly. Avitaminosis, its symptoms and treatment are important information that should be in service.

What is vitamin deficiency. Symptoms

Beriberi, symptomsAvitaminosis is a condition in which a specific vitamin is completely absent in the body. At the same time, there are specific diseases (for example, scurvy), which lead to serious complications. A milder form of vitamin deficiency is hypovitaminosis, in which a certain vitamin is not enough for the normal process of vital activity. This beriberi is quite rare.However, this term is more common in everyday life. The main symptoms of vitamin deficiency are weakness, frequent dizziness, low immunity, brittle nails, dryness and hair loss. The causes of this condition can be poor-quality food, diseases of the organs of the alimentary tract, taking certain specific drugs, as well as age. A particular danger is hypovitaminosis without obvious signs. Such a state can persist for years, without giving itself out, but causing irreparable harm to the body.

Lack of vitamin a

Vitamin A plays an important role in our vision, bone mass, and the condition of the skin. He is also responsible for the ability of the eye to see objects in the dark. If this ability deteriorates, then we can talk about a deficiency of such a vitamin. The occurrence of diarrhea for no apparent reason, frequent respiratory diseases, eye problems - all this may indicate that A-vitamin deficiency develops. Another symptom of an insufficient amount of this vitamin can be attributed to the long healing of wounds, cuts. This is explained by the fact that collagen synthesis is slowed down in cells.With a non-severe form, it will be enough to balance and correct the nutrition.

Vitamin B deficiency

Avitaminosis. Symptoms and treatment

Thiamine (B1) is actively involved in metabolic processes, plays an important role for the normal functioning of the nervous system and heart. Therefore, the main signs of insufficient quantities are nausea, irritability, deterioration of performance, loss of sleep. Vitamin B2 is responsible for metabolic processes in the skin. Thus, dermatitis, other diseases of the skin, weakness of the hair - all this suggests that there is little riboflamine in the body. Poor health, weakness in the whole body - this is due to the lack of a sufficient amount of vitamin B6. Another important symptom of its deficiency is cracks that form in the corners of the mouth. Vitamin, which is responsible for the normal functioning of the brain, muscles, - B12. With its lack of disrupted the process of blood formation.

Hypovitaminosis D, E

Avitaminosis. Symptoms on handsThe combination of vitamins A and D plays an important role in the fight against fractures, promotes their rapid healing. With a small amount of vitamin D bones become fragile, more sensitive to physical exertion. In young children, it affects the development and growth, the lack provokes the development of rickets. The child is disturbed sleep, sweat palms.On examination, the doctor may prescribe an additional intake of drugs that contain this substance. One of its main sources is sunlight, so winter does not have to interfere with walks in the fresh air. Vitamin E is also called the vitamin of youth. He participates in the endocrine and reproductive systems. His failure is quite rare. It may occur due to taking oral contraceptives, strong antibiotics, adherence to strict diets.

The effect of vitamin deficiency on the skin

Avitaminosis, skin symptomsThe fact that the body loses something, primarily affects the condition of the skin, hair, nail plates. The skin begins to peel off, becomes pale, dry, loses its tone. The blush disappears from the face. Progresses inflammatory reactions, there is acne. Another unpleasant moment that may arise due to the deficiency of vitamins A, C, E is the appearance of dark pigment spots. In this case, it is better to contact a dermatologist. If herpes is often worried, you may not have enough vitamin B2. The nails are also in a deplorable position - break, exfoliate.Avitaminosis also affects the condition of the lips, the symptoms on the skin of the mouth include desquamation, moisture loss, the occurrence of cracks in the corners. They can get infection, develop sores, which heal for a long time.

The development of beriberi in children

The body of a young child is more susceptible to the action of the environment. That is why all the negative processes are much harder and have serious consequences. Often, doctors diagnose avitaminosis, the symptoms in children are similar to those in adults. Additionally, bone deformity may also be observed. With a lack of vitamin B1, there are problems with the work of the nervous system. The amount of urination decreases. In the absence of B2, the child lags behind in growth, body weight decreases, appetite worsens. It is also important to know that the need for vitamin C in children is 2 times higher than in adults. That is why it is so important a balanced diet to avoid a condition such as vitamin deficiency. Symptoms in the hands of children also help to pay attention to their health: the affected, dry skin, often with inflammation, will tell you that it is time to see a doctor.Seafood, pomegranates, nuts, honey will become helpers in the fight against the deficiency of nutrients. The sleep mode is also important: during this period the need for it is much higher. It is worth putting the child to sleep at least an hour earlier.

Avitaminosis. Symptoms in children

Spring avitaminosis

The long winter is replaced by a warm time, however, a huge number of people instead of joy experience malaise, fatigue, drowsiness. This is due to inadequate intake of vitamins during the cold season, since most fruits, herbs and vegetables are simply absent on the table, and those that exist are poor in nutrients. After symptoms of vitamin deficiency and hypovitaminosis appear, it is necessary to enrich your diet or consult your doctor about taking medications containing vitamins and other trace elements. It is not necessary in the transition period to drastically change the power system, lose weight, because the body is already in a stressful state.

How to treat a vitamin deficiency condition

Many doctors know how insidious vitamin deficiency is: symptoms can indicate the development of very different diseases. The main principle of treatment is to change the lifestyle to a more correct one.It is necessary to take care of your diet, diet under strict prohibition. A sufficient amount of dairy products, fish, fruits and vegetables will help to cope with this problem. Do not forget about physical exertion and regular walks, because fresh air contributes to the fight against such a state as avitaminosis. Symptoms of a more serious condition of the body indicate that it is time to seek the advice of a specialist, food alone is not enough. He will help you choose the right complex of vitamins. And, of course, you should limit yourself in smoking and drinking alcohol: these substances prevent the absorption of trace elements.Spring avitaminosis

Proper intake of vitamins

First of all, it is necessary to determine exactly what kind of substance is missing in the body. The therapist will help to do this with the help of simple analyzes. And only then will he recommend certain drugs. Independently make a decision about which complex of vitamins to use, it is impossible. After all, an excess of trace elements is just as dangerous, an intoxication of the body can develop. It should strictly follow the instructions for use.If treatment includes several courses, then a break of three weeks is necessary between them. Vitamins are available in different forms, it is important to choose the one that suits you. Effervescent tablets act faster, but people with gastritis or ulcers should avoid them.

Prevention of vitamin C and hypovitaminosis

To prevent the deterioration of their health, complex measures are needed. Today, vitamin C deficiency in the winter is rare, as there are a large number of citrus fruits on the shelves. In addition, many more in the summer freeze fruits and vegetables. Juices, compotes perfectly replenish the body with vitamins. This healing drink is a decoction of wild rose. No less useful and cranberries. Pumpkin is an indispensable product containing a lot of vitamin A, you can make from it not only banal porridge, but also other desserts, and even a delicious cream soup. It is necessary to adhere to five meals a day, so the supply of nutrients will be regularly replenished. But it is necessary to eat in small portions. Special attention should be paid to fatty fish varieties, sauerkraut (storehouse of vitamin C). Eggs, meat, cereals are also needed in daily nutrition.A good source of vitamins and nutrients is wheat germ. If you often worry about cracks in the corners of the mouth, you can use brewer's yeast.

Vitamin deficiency in animals

Vitamin deficiency in cats. Symptoms

Like humans, animals also suffer from an insufficient amount of vitamins. Avitaminosis is more and more common in cats. It is easy to recognize the symptoms: the beast becomes sluggish, sedentary, sleeps a lot, and often refuses to eat favorite food. Special attention should be paid to wool. It becomes dull, loses shine, sometimes sheds. Wounds may appear due to itching. It also has beriberi in dogs. Symptoms are similar. They can add twitching of the head, lack of coordination. With an insufficient amount of vitamin C, there are problems with the gums, bleeding and tooth loss are possible. To replenish the supply of nutrients in the diet include egg yolk, butter, liver. For the prevention of using fish oil. To restore the reserves of vitamins of group B, give cereal products, raw meat. Regular walks in the fresh air will help produce Vitamin D. Don't be surprised to see a cat or a dog eating grass.So they replenish the supply of missing trace elements. You can grow young grass yourself. Some vets recommend rubbing a carrot and offering it to an animal. You can also buy specialized food, which is additionally enriched with vitamins and minerals. But most importantly, it is better to consult with a specialist, as many of the symptoms of beriberi may indicate the development of more serious diseases.

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Avitaminosis: symptoms, causes, treatment. The first symptoms of beriberi and hypovitaminosis 4

Avitaminosis: symptoms, causes, treatment. The first symptoms of beriberi and hypovitaminosis 19

Avitaminosis: symptoms, causes, treatment. The first symptoms of beriberi and hypovitaminosis 11

Avitaminosis: symptoms, causes, treatment. The first symptoms of beriberi and hypovitaminosis 18

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