Drug "Antistaks" - reviews and analogues

The drug "Antistaks" is used to treat various diseases of the veins, including varicose veins. It is produced by the German firm "Beringer". The drug is available in the form of a gel and capsules. The main active ingredient of the drug is red grape leaf extract.

This article will discuss the instructions to "Antistax", price, reviews.

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Composition and mechanism of action

Capsules in their composition contain 180 mg of grape extract, rich in isoquercetin and quertecin, which:

  • prevent swelling of the lower extremities;
  • reduce the permeability of the walls of blood vessels;
  • prevent the formation of blood clots, that is, have an antiagregatny effect;
  • have anti-inflammatory effects;
  • improve hemodynamics and improve the tone of the veins.

Instructions for use

The drug must be taken once a day in two capsules. Such a course of treatment is about three months. The drug can be canceled earlier if after a month from the beginning of the reception there are no noticeable effects.Antistax capsules from Pharmaton are well tolerated by patients, although they can sometimes have side effects on the digestive system.

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The composition of the gel

The drug in the form of a gel also contains extracts of grape leaves. But beyond that, it includes the following additional components:

  • peppermint oil;
  • carbomer;
  • Castor oil;
  • menthol;
  • sodium hydroxide.

It is believed that the gel is less effective than capsules. It temporarily alleviates the condition of the legs, but does not have a significant effect on chronic venous insufficiency.

The gel must be applied to the lower limbs twice a day. It is advisable to do this with a few raised legs, to rub it strongly in the direction from the feet to the knees. Reviews of "Antistax" abound.

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Cost of

The medicine has a rather high price, although it is clearly lower compared with other highly effective drugs for varicose veins. Its cost is about 1260 rubles for a package containing 100 capsules. For example, the price of "Detraleks" for 60 tablets in a package is 1380 rubles.

There are reviews on this.

Price "Antistaks" in the form of a gel is about 700 rubles (125 ml).


After reviewing the cost of this drug, many people tend to find cheaper counterparts. "Antistaks", unfortunately, has no complete analogues. But despite this, it is quite possible to replace it with other drugs of this group. Suppose they contain other components, but absolutely by the same mechanism act on the tone of the veins. Probably, these medicines will be as effective as Antistax. Reviews and instructions confirm this.

As a substitute, you can take "Troxerutin" - a drug of Belarusian or Russian origin (MIC or Ozon). Treatment with this medication will be less expensive. If you are not very constrained in finances, then you can purchase the drug Venarus or Phlebodia. They cost a little more, but they are much more efficient.

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Also, drugs with a similar therapeutic effect include Venoruton, Ginkor, Detralex, Troxevasin, Venolek, Endotenol, Anvenol and others.

Gel "Troxevasin" prescribed for varicose veins. Acts similarly to the drug "Antistaks", only locally.Effective with thrombophlebitis, varicose dermatitis, symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency, such as heaviness in the legs, cramps, spider veins, pain, swelling. Also, the gel is prescribed for bruises and sprains. The drug can not be used on damaged skin and open wounds. Used 2 times a day.

"Ascorutin" - a drug with ascorbic acid and rutin in the composition. Positive effect on blood vessels, resulting in reduced capillary permeability. Indications for appointment - vitamin deficiency, septic endocarditis, radiation sickness. It is used as a prophylactic agent of avitaminosis C and P.

Instead of Antistax gel, you can purchase any medicinal or cosmetic product that contains horse chestnut extract, menthol or troxerutin. Specify the price in pharmacies, and the average is from 100 to 300 rubles per pack. Consider reviews of "Antistax".antistax instruction manual reviews

Specialist reviews

Given the cost of the drug, doctors do not recommend using it for people with chronic venous insufficiency. The ratio of efficiency and cost is not the best.At a similar price, you can purchase a more effective drug (for example, Venarus).

Doctors say that the gel does not have any advantages over the more accessible analogues. The disadvantages include, above all, the price.

Antistax reviews from patients

However, patients are very positive about the drug. They claim that it is well tolerated by the body and does not have side effects, and is generally very safe for the body.

But here about the effectiveness of reviews of "Antistax" is somewhat contradictory. One half of the patients highly appreciated the effect of this drug, because after using it, a favorable effect was observed. And another group claimed to have a bad drug effect.

But most often this drug perfectly copes with diseases that are at the initial stage. But in case of chronic course, it is recommended to contact a specialist who will select a more suitable therapy.

We reviewed the instructions for use and reviews of the "Antistax".antistax instruction price reviews price

Advantages and disadvantages of the drug

Summarizing, we can highlight the following benefits of the drug:

  • Herbal ingredients guarantee almost 100% safety of this drug.
  • Suitable for a large number of patients, because it has a minimum list of contraindications.
  • Effectively eliminates the symptoms of venous disease: pain, swelling, distended veins, cramps, heaviness in the limbs.
  • There is a lasting effect after undergoing a course of drug treatment.

The disadvantages of "Antistaks" include:

  • Enough high cost.
  • Highly effective effect of the drug, as a rule, is observed only at the initial stage of the disease.
  • The lack of a quick result, i.e., to achieve the desired result, it is necessary to take the drug continuously for more than three weeks.

Now you have sufficiently familiarized yourself with the basic information about the Antistax preparation, found out what the specialists and patients think about it, and what you can change this drug with if necessary. But you should not forget that this article is only informative, and in any case, before using the drug should consult with a specialist.

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