Antiseptic XM-11 - specifications

Antiseptic XM-11 has uniquetechnical characteristics, that is why it is in demand among consumers. However, in order to achieve the expected result after its use, it is necessary to know its characteristics and observe the application technique. Thus, in order to calculate the required amount of antiseptic for surface treatment of a certain area, it is necessary to know its consumption, it is 50 g / m2.

Initially, determine the areathe basis with which it is necessary to work, and then to divide this value into the consumption of antiseptic, which will determine the amount of the composition to be purchased for the work. Apply the mixture with a brush, which is pre-immersed in the composition. The work will be completed in a shorter time, if you use the technology of spraying under pressure. Antiseptic XM-11 has excellent efficiency. Thus, after the surface has been treated with the described mixture, the life time of the mixture increases, and it can be used for 25-50 years without the need for repair.

Scope of use

Antiseptic XM-11

If there is a need to protect wood fromprocesses of decay, and also to stop its premature aging, it is necessary to apply the described antiseptic. In addition, a similar composition is able to protect the material from the corrosive effects of atmospheric precipitation, the surface will be perfectly handled after treatment with any moisture. Quite often wood products contact with soil and water, this applies to elements of cooling towers, supports, bridges, pillars, moorages, buildings and structures, power lines, piles, log houses, etc. In this case, treatment with an antiseptic is simply necessary.

Packing and cost

Yaroslavl antiseptic hm 11

Antiseptic XM-11 is available in severalvarieties, it can be, for example, dry mixes, which are packed in plastic containers in the form of buckets. Thus, if you buy a bucket with a capacity of 2.5 kg, then you have to pay 1050 rubles. While the 5 kg package costs 2080 rubles. There are more voluminous containers - 20 kg each, the composition in such quantity will cost 8250 rubles. On sale there is an antiseptic and in a paper container which consists of strong four layers and possesses a polyethylene loose leaf. Such bags have a capacity of 20 kg and have a cost of 8,200 rubles.

You can buy and water solutionsantiseptic composition, which are sold in polymer canisters of different volumes. So, 5 liters of the mixture will cost the consumer 285 rubles. With a volume of 10 liters, the cost increases to 568 rubles. While 20 liters of antiseptic will cost 1120 rubles. The most impressive volume of a can of 30 liters costs 1680 rubles.


antiseptic hm 11 characteristics

Antiseptic XM-11 has two main componentscomponent, it does not wash out and does not have a smell, after application the wood acquires a greenish shade. After the composition has been applied to the surface, it can be subjected to gluing and painting on it. At the same time, it still remains protected from external harmful effects, the properties of the antiseptic do not change. Yaroslavl antiseptic ХМ-11 has the same characteristics. It perfectly protects the surface of wood from the effects of biological parasites, as well as the damage that bacteria, all kinds of fungi and insects can inflict. It perfectly repels the antiseptic and crustaceans, as well as mollusks.


antiseptic hm 11 technical specifications

The antiseptic of the brand is produced according to the rules and corresponds to hygienic and sanitary standards. When buying, you must always require a certificate of quality.

Technology of use

After the acquisition, the antiseptic remains to beprepare. Begin to do this before it is used directly. Preparatory work involves the conduct of dissolution, when it comes to dry composition. Use in this case requires warm water, the temperature of which is 40-50 ° C. The material should be added in an amount of 1 kg per 9 liters of water.

To ensure the stability of the solution, to itadd acetic acid. You need to use the one that has the "ice" qualification. This ingredient should be added at the rate of 0.5 ml of acid per liter of solution, if it is a question of 9% table vinegar, it will need to be added in an amount of 5.5 ml per liter of antiseptic mixture.

Antiseptic XM-11, the characteristics of whichcertainly worth exploring before use, after cooking can have a fine precipitate, in addition, it is possible the presence of some other mechanical impurities.

Recommendations for application

Once the solution is ready, it should beApply to the surface, but it must be prepared in advance. The base should be thoroughly cleaned from dust, old paint, chalk, and also lime, there should not be other extraneous layers. The surface of the wood should be covered evenly, leaving no passes, as they can subsequently become vulnerable.

Antiseptic XM-11, specificationswhich is described in the article, can be applied not only in the manner described above, but also with the aid of a roller. The application should be made in 2-3 layers, between which it is absolutely necessary to take a break in two hours or more.

There is one more way of processing the parts, whichassumes a complete immersion of the element in the composition of the antiseptic. In this condition, the wood should be left for 5-10 minutes. It is often enough to impregnate under pressure, but it will be necessary to use special equipment that involves the use of a warm-up and a cold bath. Pressure can be vacuum-atmospheric, but this is not a complete list of technologies.

antiseptic indelible hm 11

Ideally, if the antiseptic is an indelible XM-11 forThe application will have a temperature of +10 ° C, but allow a degree or more, but not more than +50 ° C. Do not work with frozen timber. The composition will be fixed on the wood for 10 days, during this period the surface should be protected from the effects of rain and moisture.

Consumption rate

When impregnating wood by applying a brush, spraying machine, roller, and also immersion technology, its consumption will be 50 g / m2. If you use not dry composition but an impregnating solution, then the consumption will be much larger and become equal to 500 g / m2. If the pressure is applied when impregnating wood, the consumption of the mixture will vary from 5 to 15 kg / m3, when using an impregnating composition, the flow rate will be 50-150 kg / m3. This is important to take into account before buying wood treatment, which will avoid unnecessary waste of money.

antiseptic for wood hm 11

Safety precautions

Antiseptic for wood XM-11 is toxic, but does not burn and is not explosive. Such solutions are classified as low-risk substances. Work should be conducted outdoors or in a ventilated room.


In dry form the composition must be stored in a wellclosed containers. Shelf life is unlimited. Solutions should be kept in a heated room, the packaging should be well closed. The warranty period for storage of the product in dissolved form is six months from the date of manufacture.

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