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Anthym name meaning and name interpretationAnfim: blooming (Greek).
Name Day Anthima: September 16 (3) - Holy Martyr Anfim, Bishop of Nicomedia, died for the faith of Christ in 302.
Mystery named Anthimus: On September 16, in order to protect themselves from the evil eye, old, worn-out sandals are hung on the wattles around the gardens or at the roofs of the barnyards: they will look at the evil eye, will be surprised - and all the evil damage will come out of it.
Zodiac name - Virgo. The planet is Mercury. The name color is purple. Auspicious tree - linden. The cherished plant is aster. The patron of the name is grasshopper. Stone mascot - hyacinth.
Diminutive forms: Anfimka, Anfisha, Fima.
Patronymic: Anfimovich, Anfimovna; razg. Anfimych.
Characteristic name Anthim: Anfim is quiet and inconspicuous. His life purpose is to serve as a reliable support, a vest into which you can cry; a lender who can not return the debt; an unresponsive object for friendly (and not so) podnachek in the company ... Anfim tolerates it - and does not bend: it breaks; one day just turns and walks away from those who allow themselves to humiliate him.And only then they realize how boring and unsteady their life becomes without this seemingly inconspicuous person.
Anthim name in history: Medicine of Ancient Rome, unlike ancient Greek, which gave the world Asclepiad, Cato the Elder, Galen and the like, was not up to par. And yet, among the many "generalizers" of past experience, a significant figure stands out. This is the Roman doctor Anthimus (VI cent.), His messages to the king of the Franks, Theodoric, are devoted to the problems of diet and describing how to eat various types of food. Already in those days, Anfim wrote about medical fasting and separate feeding! However, Ecclesiastes said: “What has happened will be there; and what has been done will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun! Something happens that is being said:“ Look, this is new! ”- but this was already in the centuries that were before us! " And just as before, Paul Bragg was the Roman physician Anfim.

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