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Andrei Tashkov is an actor, in whose filmography more than fifty works. One of the most striking is the role of the protagonist in the film adaptation of Dostoevsky's teenager novel. Biography and the creative way of one of the most popular Russian actors is the topic of the article.

Andrei Tashkov

A family

Tashkov Andrey Evgenievich was born on July 30, 1957 in an artistic family. Father - an outstanding director. Mother - a talented actress. Catherine Savinov today is remembered by the audience primarily because of the touching role of Frosya Burlakova and the tragic fate. The future actor was only thirteen years old when her mother, realizing the incurability of her serious illness, threw herself under the train, like a heroine, whose monologue she had read at the entrance exams at a theatrical institution.

Andrei’s father is film director Yevgeny Tashkov, famous for the films Major Whirlwind, Come Tomorrow, Adjutant of His Excellency. The director and screenwriter of stroke died in 2012.

Carier start

Andrei Tashkov, whose biography was formed in an artistic environment, decided to become an artist during his school years. He graduated from college to them. Schukin in 1978. In the eighties, Andrei Tashkov was known primarily as a theater actor. For nearly twenty years, they played a huge variety of roles. Among theatrical works involved in such productions as "Idiot", "Soldiers", "Demons", "Macbeth".

In the nineties, when art in Russia was in decline, the actor left the theater stage. From what role did Andrei Tashkov start his film career?


In 1976, Tashkov Andrei Evgenievich made his film debut. It was a small role in the adaptation of the work of Yulian Semenov. Then there was participation in the filming of such paintings as “Arriving”, “Tuning fork”. In 1979, Andrei Tashkov played his first major role.

Tashkov Andrey Evgenjevich


This film is an adventure detective. Director of the film - V. Fokin. The hero of this detective story is a failed law student. He fails the entrance exams to the university, and he has no choice but to get a job at the police. This is where the real detective story begins.The hero of Tashkova, a young and inexperienced law enforcement officer, has to fight one-on-one with a hardened leader of a criminal gang.

Andrei Tashkov biography

In the movie, he showed himself as a diverse actor Andrei Tashkov. Films with his participation - this film adaptation of works of classical literature, and films about the Great Patriotic War, and detective series. In 1982, Tashkov played a major role in the film, based on the work of Vyacheslav Kondratiev. And this work is one of the best in his filmography.


Director of the film Alexander Surin. Hero Tashkova captures a German soldier. Sasha honestly performs his military duty. Namely - takes the prisoner to the nearest headquarters. But the battalion commander recently lost his front-line girlfriend. From grief, he almost became distraught, and when he sees a young German, he becomes infuriated and orders him to be shot. But the hero sees that in front of him is not a fascist, but an ordinary guy. Same as him.

Andrei Tashkov films

Killing an enemy in battle and shooting a defenseless person are two different things. And the young man, whom Tashkov played so truthfully and sincerely, understands this. He also realizes that the refusal to execute an order is a tribunal.Before Sasha, the choice is to kill a person or condemn himself to death. The author of this story showed the excitement of the hero, but freed him from the terrible choice. At the last moment the battalion changes his decision. Tashkov talentedly played this, at first glance, simple role. He was able to convey the emotional agony of his hero. Similar roles in the future career of the actor met infrequently.


In 1982, Yevgeny Tashkov began work on the screen version of Dostoevsky’s novel. The main role, he approved the son. It was an exact directorial hit. When Tashkov Jr. appears on the screen in the image of Arkady Dolgorukov, it seems that it was Dostoevsky who saw his hero. A naive and slightly confused look, a somewhat slender physique - this is the very young man from the book of the great Russian writer. That same Dolgoruky, who was shy of his last name and did not understand anything in the intrigues surrounding him.

Andrei Tashkov films

In the nineties, as is known, even the most eminent Russian actors suffered from lack of demand. Tashkov, however, played more than ten roles during this period. True, with the father-director no longer worked.Among the roles that the actor played in the last decade of the last century, the following should be mentioned:

  1. "Lawlessness".
  2. "See you in Tahiti."
  3. "If you know."
  4. "To whom I owe."
  5. "Charged with death."
  6. "White King, Red Queen".
  7. "Your will, Lord!"
  8. "With new happiness!".

Andrei Tashkov biography

Other movie roles

In recent years, Tashkov often appears on the screen in films and TV shows. In 2008, he played in the melodrama "Do not deny loving." His role in this film was minor. In the painting "Wedding Ring" Tashkov played a criminal element. A year later, in the "Rules of theft", - a police major.

Among the criminal telenovelas that prevail in the filmography of the hero of this article, the picture "Three Women of Dostoevsky" stands out. The film is based on memoir prose and tells the story of the writer's relationship with women such as Apollinaria Suslova, Anna Snitkina, Maria Isaeva. Tashkov is the director and screenwriter of this film. In addition, he played the main role, that is, played by Fyodor Mikhailovich himself. The actresses who played the favorites of the Russian classic, humanist and avid player - Glafira Tarkhanova, Elena Plaksina, Marina Aksenova.

Andrei Tashkov personal life


Tashkov voiced a lot of movie characters. In his voice, Amon Geth speaks in the Schindler's List film translated into Russian. He dubbed the heroes of such films as Interviews with the Vampire, Star Wars. Tashkov also voiced the characters of some Russian films. For example, one of the heroes of the film adaptation of the Tokareva story “Instead of Me” and the hero Alexei Burykin in the film “Champagne Splashes”.

Personal life

What is known about the life of an actor outside cinema? About the family does not like to spread Andrei Tashkov. His personal life is not the subject of numerous interviews, as is customary today in the artistic environment. It is known that he twice tried to create a family actor, but these attempts failed. Tashkov was married to Elena Skorokhodova. From this actress he has a son Ivan. Tashkov became a father in 1995. Helen actor divorced. Unlike her ex-husband, Skorokhodov willingly gives interviews and talks about the difficult life with a talented artist Andrei Tashkov.

Andrei Tashkov personal life

Some time after the divorce, another Elena came into his life - a popular actress of Soviet and Russian cinema Elena Koreneva.

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