Amway: reviews on products and how to sell it

amway reviewsThe Amway company was created back in 1959 in America, in the city of Ada (Michigan). Its founders are Rich De Vos and Jay Van Andel. The name of the company stands for American Way (in translation - "American way"). The first product of Amway, reviews of which are still causing a lot of controversy, is the liquid organic cleaner LOC (Liquid Organic Cleaner). This tool was taken with enthusiasm and encouraged manufacturers to expand the range of products. So, year after year, the company began to produce not only household chemicals, but also all kinds of cosmetics. The success of the products was deafening, and already in 1962 the company opened its first international offices in the UK and Canada. Today Amway units are located in 80 countries.

Company achievements

In the 1970s, Amway products, reviews of which you will find below, proceed to the development and sale of biological additives. Trade is carried out through a distribution network. For many people, the distribution of this product has become the main business.Revenues of the company have grown so much that in the early 80s, part of the funds was spent on the construction of a four-star Grand Plaza Hotel, which still welcomes guests in the city of Grand Rapids (Michigan). But the company is not going to take positions and continues to implement more and more new developments in the field of environmentally safe household chemicals, dietary supplements and sports nutrition, cosmetics, beautiful jewelry, fashion accessories and other products.

amway products reviewsIs there a catch?

After reading a little about the history of the company, you will probably want to find out what reviews about Amway are left by those who used their products. After studying a few forums dedicated to the products of this global brand, the impression is a little twofold. In general, the products respond quite well. For example, very many people like the LOC and ZOOM surface cleaners. It seems that they are really very effective and are able to wash off even the most stubborn dirt that ordinary cleaning products cannot do with brushes. In addition, they do not cause allergic reactions and are very economical to use.But the fact that the labels state that these products are so universal that they can wash not only floors, toilets and windows, but even hair and body can be a little embarrassing. Also, these products allegedly can poison the house ants and water the flowers. This is alarming. It remains to hope that women do not conduct experiments and do not take baths with dishwashing detergent and ovens.

amway reviewsResponse orientation

There are a lot of references to Amway washing powders. The feedback is either positive or neutral. That is, someone really liked it, but someone did not see the effect, different from the usual washing powders. But everyone who had the opportunity to compare, unanimously argue that Amway powders are hypoallergenic, do not have a characteristic chemical smell, they last long enough. Also speak well of the dishes produced by the company. Pots and pans, produced by Amway, reviews are mostly positive. There are many references to toothpaste and stain removers. Apparently, both products are worthy. There are also a lot of good feedback about the dishwasher facility. Although it costs more than what is advertised on TV, when used, it turns out that it is 4 times more economical.

amway reviewsScary factor

After studying a lot of opinions about the company's products, there may even be a desire to purchase something. But one moment is repulsive - a way of selling. Even those who use Amway products have not the best marketing reviews. Too intrusive, and sometimes aggressive distributors behave in attempts to sell at least something. Because of this, many are afraid and argue that they want to fool low-quality goods for big money.

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Amway: reviews on products and how to sell it 37

Amway: reviews on products and how to sell it 7

Amway: reviews on products and how to sell it 85

Amway: reviews on products and how to sell it 95

Amway: reviews on products and how to sell it 35

Amway: reviews on products and how to sell it 25