Alarm "Starline A94": description, instruction manual, setting

Alarm "Starline A94" - a security system, the appearance of which literally shook the entire market thanks to a wide functionality that guarantees the highest level of vehicle protection. The alarm system is a security and telematics complex designed specifically to protect a vehicle from theft and to transfer data to its owner. You can install it on cars of any price category.

Starline a94

Signaling features

The security system "Starline A94" is equipped with an engine start system. It is a model of the fourth generation systems of the same name. A distinctive feature of the Starline A94 system is the modular architecture and power switches of the main board. The wide functionality of the alarm system is due to the above-mentioned feature of the modular architecture.

The system allows you to track the movement of the vehicle. To connect this function, simply connect the GSM and antenna to the main board.

Starline A94 User Manual


Set of security system "Starline A94":

  • Instructions for use and installation.
  • Manufacturer's warranty.
  • Central processor unit
  • Keychain "Starline A94".
  • Power module
  • Transceiver
  • Additional relay and block.
  • Cable set.
  • Screws.
  • LEDs.

Car alarm functionality

Alarm "Starline A94" - car security system, developed on the basis of innovative technologies. The wide functionality of car alarm allows you to provide a high level of vehicle protection:

  • Control and management of the system, determining the location of the car.
  • Interactive code alarm completely eliminates the possibility of electronic hacking of the car.
  • Multichannel narrowband transceiver protects against interference, which ensures the smooth operation of the anti-theft system "Starline A94" regardless of operating conditions.
  • Check whether the key fob is within the range of the transceiver system.
  • The presence of CAN bus allows you to quickly and safely install car alarms.
  • Shock and tilt sensors with remote guidance, fixing the evacuation and raising the car jack.
  • Management and configuration of "Starline A94" can be carried out from the phone via the built-in GSM module. This feature allows you to monitor the status of the alarm and receive notifications about the status of protection.
  • The ability to program certain parameters - folding mirrors, setting up the seats.
  • The anti-theft system operates in a wide temperature range.
  • Minimum power consumption, provided by the use of innovative technologies and solutions.
  • All design and technical solutions used in the security system are protected by copyright.

Starline A94 alarm

Power keys

The Starline A94 alarm system uses power key technology, which is based on the silent operation of the system when the doors are open or the car is disarmed. The advantage of this technology is the impossibility of its detection, since the operation of the relay in the key fob allows you to quickly detect it.The integrated CAN-module allows you to connect the alarm system to any car, the control of electronics in which is carried out via CAN-bus.

Starline a94 autostart


It is possible to exercise control over the car through an interactive connection. This feature allows the vehicle owner to receive a notification when the alarm keychain leaves the coverage area. 128-channel transceiver guarantees a high level of protection against third-party interference during the transmission of the signal from the key fob to the alarm system.

Starline A94: autostart is an indispensable feature

The anti-theft system of this brand has an indispensable function in the cold season, which allows to warm up the car before the arrival of its owner. For the Starline A94 system, autorun is an opportunity to start the vehicle's engine before the driver arrives, warm up the passenger compartment and immediately go on a trip without wasting too much time.

Auto start alarm

Automatic start, installed on many anti-theft automotive systems, does not always support the function of warming up the engine to the required temperature, as provided for in the Starline A94 system.Starting on the engine temperature is carried out by pressing a certain key combination on the key fob, which sends an impulse to the starter, which starts the motor. Full warm-up of the engine and the cabin is carried out in a few minutes, after which you can begin to drive a car.trinket starline a94

In fact, the automatic start, or the intelligent warming up of the engine, is significantly different from what drivers are used to imagining. It implies a certain algorithm of actions embedded in the system. Due to the presence of such a function in the anti-theft system, the car's engine is heated based on three main indicators:

  • Time.
  • Time interval with preset frequency.
  • Temperatures

When the autostart system does not work

The instruction manual attached to the Starline A94 system prescribes several conditions under which autorun is impossible:

  • In the ignition system, the key remains in the start position.
  • Open hood.
  • The car does not stand on the handbrake.
  • The brake pedal is fully depressed.
  • For a car with manual transmission is not included neutral gear.
  • For a car with automatic transmission is not included mode P-parking.

How to prepare a car for autorun

Automatic launch of the anti-theft system is possible after performing certain actions. First of all, you need to make sure that the car does not move. It is advisable to check this even in spite of the fact that the Starline anti-theft system has logical protection against driving without a driver. For cars with pre-installed automatic transmission, switching on P-parking mode is sufficient. In the case of a manual transmission, several other actions are carried out.

According to the instructions for use of the anti-theft system "Starline A94", before starting the signaling it is necessary to turn on the "software neutral". This is done in several ways:

  • The handbrake is activated, the key is switched to the ignition off.
  • Put the car on the parking brake and press the key fob a second button with the doors closed.
  • Raise the handbrake without any additional action.

The instruction manual lists all possible options, while the specific action is determined by the software settings implemented by the auto service wizards who installed the anti-theft system.

After any of the above actions are completed, the key is removed from the ignition lock, and the car is placed under the protection of the Starline anti-theft system.

 setting starline a94

If all requirements are met, and the actions are performed correctly, the car gives light signals, and the key fob - sound. The corresponding key will be displayed on the keyfob display, changing depending on which turbo timer mode is activated. The countdown of the engine running time when the turbo timer mode is on is carried out in reverse order, while the motor is in working condition for a certain time.

Starline A94 engine temperature start

The alarm system "Starline A94" is not just an alarm system, but a complete anti-theft security complex that meets all the requirements of the car owner. The functionality of the security system includes various security options and additional parameters that make the operation of modern vehicles comfortable and easy. The use of an encrypted code completely eliminates car theft. The security system, in addition, in the event of a short circuit, disables the ability to start the engine - thereby preventing penetration into the car through the wiring.

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