Advantages and disadvantages of Ukrainians.

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I recently spoke with a large company of children from Russia and Ukraine, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians. As a result, we identified three main features for each group, with which almost everyone present agreed. For Ukrainians, we have such a list:
Provincial mentality. This is especially noticeable among visitors to big cities, people behave there, like in their own village - they spit anywhere, make noise on the street, and if they get an apartment in a historic house, then first of all they destroy everything old and historic.glaze balcony.
Search "enemies and zrady" even among their. Some Ukrainians can drown for some kind of "their" politician for years, but it is worth going into power and making some unpopular but necessary for the development of the country decisions - how he immediately turns into a villain and a corrupt official in their eyes. But as soon as this same politician is removed and subjected to disgrace, as he immediately becomes a hero again - this was the case with Yulia Tymoshenko and many others.Why this is happening - for me a big mystery, but this feature of a national character often prevents Ukrainians from making right political decisions - everything is like a swan and pike from a fable is being pulled in different directions.
Excessive religiosity and superstition. This also follows from the shallow mentality introduced from the villages to the big cities. Domestic superstitions are very funny and as a rule are always built according to the same model - I am one good, and everyone around is bad and they try to make me evil, I have to somehow protect myself from this by tying strings to the doors, etc. However, in big cities now this is becoming less and less.
Self esteem. A very good trait of national character, which allows to put in place presumptive officials, all kinds of villains in power, and so on. In fact, it was self-esteem that brought people toMaidan 2013/2014and drove Yanukovych from the country to Rostov.
Hard work. Ukrainians love and know how to work - the father of a poor family will never sit on his ass and wait for handouts from the state, but go to work in a taxi, make repairs, sweep the streets - in a word, somehow spinning to earn something. Previously, construction teams from Ukraine gladly hired to work in Russia - now withthe introduction of visa-freeUkrainians massively went to work in Europe and returned to Ukraine with money.
Easy and cheerful character, sense of humor. Everyone who communicated with the Ukrainians will confirm this - it is always easy and pleasant to communicate with them, the Ukrainians have a great sense of humor and subtle irony. And yes, the funniest jokes I readon twitter, were mostly invented by the Ukrainians)
So it goes. Agree with the list? And what advantages and disadvantages of Ukrainians can you name?
Write in the comments, interesting.
P.S. In the next issues we will talk about the merits / demerits of Russians and Belarusians.

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