8 popular treatments that are dangerous to your health

1-02-2018, 17:30
In situations relating to the treatment of diseases, it is best to contact an experienced specialist who will help solve the problem. It seems obvious, right? Nevertheless, many people even nowadays use traditional medicine prescriptions instead of medical care, and this can pose a serious threat to health.
We have collected several common treatments that are best not to use if you really want to get rid of the disease.
Cleansing the body

Now a very popular method of treatment has become the so-called cleansing of the body from toxins and toxins. There are many recipes that offer cleansing of the liver, kidneys, and even blood.
When asked about the effectiveness of this method of treatment, the doctors answer unequivocally: “The human body is not a jacket, it cannot simply be cleaned.” All harmful and unnecessary substances are removed from the body on their own, for which special “general cleaning” is not needed.Using this method is fraught with serious problems with the liver, up to its fatty degeneration, and burns of the gastric mucosa.

Some people sincerely believe that fasting is the best way not only to lose weight, but also to cleanse the body. However, doctors warn: in fact, this method of treatment can be a serious danger.
It should be remembered that such a "treatment" can lead to gouty arthritis. Fasting increases the body's breakdown of muscle tissue, fatty tissue. In this case, slags are not removed, and new ones continue to accumulate. Ketone bodies (relatives of acetone) are formed, and the starving intestines keep on storing and storing toxic substances. Dry fasting - a direct road to intensive care. There is only one effective and safe recipe for cleansing the body and losing weight: you need to eat healthy food, more often be in the open air and move more.

Acupuncture has been popular for many years, but is it really as effective as its supporters think? Scientist Edzard Ernst believes that the effectiveness of acupuncture needs to be refuted.
In addition, his analysis of many studies of the effectiveness of acupuncture shows the following: acupuncture does not so often cope with painful sensations as its advertising claims.
Acupuncture in most cases does not pose a serious danger. However, scientists from around the world are struggling with the claim that acupuncture is completely safe. There are cases when after a session of acupuncture it was necessary to remove needles surgically or when they pierced the membranes of the lungs.
The effectiveness of acupuncture, scientists believe, is based on the placebo effect. Experiments were conducted in which patients were not given needles at all or were injected at the wrong points or to an insufficient depth. However, patients reported improved well-being commensurate with how they performed this procedure.

Reflexology is an alternative method of treatment, according to the postulates of which diseases can be treated by acting on the feet with the help of massage or pressure.
However, scientists have not found conclusive evidence that it works. In Australia, studies were conducted that clearly demonstratedthat reflexology is ineffective in treating diseases.
Reflexology itself is not dangerous. However, some people agree to use this type of alternative medicine as a diagnostic tool. Scientists urge not to do this, because the false results of surveys can be extremely dangerous. It is also important not to use reflexology to treat serious diseases, because then it will become a direct threat to life.

Homeopathy is a popular form of alternative medicine, which is based on the idea of ​​using drugs in a diluted form. However, despite the claims of homeopaths about the effectiveness of this method of treatment, scientists believe that the effect of microscopic doses of drugs is no different from the placebo effect.
Homeopathy is not as safe as it may seem: the use of heavily diluted drugs instead of the required dose of the drug can seriously aggravate the patient's condition and even lead to death.
Important: some drugs prescribed by doctors may in practice be homeopathic remedies.Before you buy medicine, pay attention to the instructions (especially what is written in small print): it may indicate that the drug is a homeopathic remedy.

Almost certainly you have heard of urinotherapy, or urine treatment. This is one of the types of alternative medicine, which is recommended to use for the prevention and treatment of diseases and even for cosmetic purposes. Urine needs to be used externally or drink.
The effectiveness of urinotherapy has not been proven scientifically, but still millions of people are confident in the healing properties of their own urine. However, scientists remind: the body itself seeks to get rid of urine, and therefore it does not need it. This is a biological waste, and its use is unlikely to lead to a positive effect.
"Living" and "dead" water

The idea of ​​"living" and "dead" water is simple - there is water that can heal, and water that can cause disease. Even an experiment was conducted, which showed that the water from the mountain stream "glows", and the water from the tap - no, which is why many people came to the conclusion that the latter destroys the body.
In fact, water cannot be “alive” or “dead”, and the effect of the glow of water is a science-myth. This is a gas-discharge glow (the neon sign glows about the same way), and it was received not thanks to scientific methods, but with the help of “toys”, as the scientific expert asserts.
Some people think that you can only drink melt water, because tap water contains deuterium, a heavy element that harms the body. In fact, deuterium-containing water requires special laboratory storage conditions. However, it is better to use household filters to clean tap water from harmful impurities.
Hypnosis as a treatment

Hypnosis is promoted as a universal method of treatment for all diseases, but in reality it is not so: hypnosis cannot be therapy, it is just an altered state of consciousness.
In fact, hypnosis is a high degree of concentration that is used in clinical practice. Of course, it can help many people, but it is used only as a support for psychotherapy, and not as an independent method of treatment.
Although it is possible to “convey” to the mind a certain idea in a state of hypnosis, this does not apply to the treatment of physiological diseases.In fact, a person under hypnosis perfectly controls himself, just an altered state of consciousness helps to better take the treatment. Hypnosis is used to help the patient cope with insomnia, for getting rid of bad habits and immersion in forgotten experiences.
Many people sincerely believe that drugs sold in a pharmacy only harm, and “herbs” and “natural” methods of treatment are the best way out. But most modern medicines are the very herbs, simply in a synthesized form and in greater concentration.
You must admit that if some popular method of treatment turned out to be truly effective, large corporations would have taken it on board and recognized it as a method of official medicine. However, traditional medicine is ineffective and sometimes dangerous, and this should be remembered.
This does not mean that you need to completely abandon any traditional medicine. If you want to keep your body in good shape and take herbal baths, your doctor will certainly approve your decision. However, it should be remembered that body support and self-treatment are different things. Failure to understand that no herbal infusions will save you from serious diseases takes a lot of lives each year.
Do you believe in the effectiveness of traditional medicine? What do you think about the opposition of official medicine and non-traditional methods of treatment? Leave your comments below.

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