5 famous heroines, which the authors of books have written off from their favorite women

2-09-2017, 18:02
Love - the driving force of creativity of incredible power. In confirmation of this, we have collected famous female images that famous writers have created, inspired by their lovers.
A deep feeling inspired in these heroines charm and charm, making them so alive that we in We fall in love with them every time we read these books.
Mikhail Bulgakov and his "Margarita"

The main prototype of Margarita was Elena Sergeyevna Shilovskaya (1893–1970), who became Mikhail Bulgakov’s third wife. Like Margaret, Elena met with her “Master” in marriage and lived in prosperity - she was the wife of a large Soviet military leader Yevgeny Shilovsky. But Elena languished in this marriage, she did not need any money or position. And suddenly, visiting friends in common in 1929, she finds herself at a table next to Bulgakov. They immediately fell in love with each other and very quickly realized that it was for life.

Elena went to her "Master" after a difficult parting with her husband. In her, the writer found not only his beloved and true friend, but also his muse, assistant and biographer, keeper of literary heritage.
“Despite everything, despite the fact that there were black moments, absolutely terrible, not longing, but horror at the failed literary life, if you tell me that I had a tragic life, I will answer you: no! Not a single second. It was the brightest life that you can choose, the happiest, ”she wrote in the 1950s, after the death of Mikhail Bulgakov.
Marlene Dietrich - Joan Madou from the Arc de Triomphe Remarque

“The Triumphal Arch” is one of the best novels of Erich Maria Remarque, and it gives a special charm to the tormenting novel of the German surgeon Ravik with singer Joan Madou. The prototype of this controversial and beautiful heroine was the famous Marlene Dietrich, whom the writer loved for many years and with whom he lived in Paris before the start of the Second World War.
Their love was bright and dramatic and sometimes cruel. And everything that Ravik could blame Joan - inconstancy and coldness, the search for new sensations and love relationships - could have Remarque said to his brilliant lover.He wrote her many passionate letters, which are published in a separate book. And it can be called another novel of the writer, perhaps the best.
“Honey, bestowed by God. I think we were presented to each other, and at the right time. We were painfully waiting for each other, ”Remarque wrote to her.
The first meeting of Remarque and Dietrich, from the book of the daughter of the actress "My mother Marlene"
Francis Scott Fitzgerald and the fatal Nicole from "Tender Is the Night"

Fitzgerald described a personal drama in the beautiful as jazz novel “A Night is Tender”, and his wife, a charming and whimsical beauty Zelda, became the prototype of the main character Nicole Diver. Francis and Zelda were the center of New York’s social life, and reporters followed them everywhere, managing only to describe their antics — they would roll on the roof of a taxi, or they would appear naked in the theater. And in the book, Dick and Nicole are a brilliant and successful couple, leading a beautiful life, attracting to themselves like a magnet, and falling in love at first sight.

Francis Scott Fitzgerald with his wife and daughter.
But in the life of the writer, and in the book, sadness lurked beneath this shining facade. The talented and beautiful Nicole Diver, like Zelda in real life, suffered from a mental disorder. Dick Diver was actually devastated and crushed by his wife's ailment, and eventually sank.But Nicole, having received support in the reality eluding her, was healed. The life of the Fitzgeralds was sadder - he died of a heart attack in 1940, and she died in a fire at a clinic for the mentally ill after 8 years.
"Kissed, bewitched" Nikolai Zabolotsky

Nikolai Zabolotsky with his wife Catherine and daughter.
Nikolai Zabolotsky was famous for his complex temper and contempt for women. Love lyrics were alien to him. Despite this, the marriage of the poet was very successful. He married a classmate Ekaterina Klykova - slim, dark-eyed, laconic, who became an excellent wife, mother and mistress. “The best of women,” wrote Eugene Schwartz about her.
Catherine gave her husband all of herself, helped him survive the conclusion and exile, cared for after a heart attack, but did not see much love or care. And suddenly, at the age of 48, she fell in love with the writer and famous heartbreaker Vasily Grossman and left. “If she had swallowed a bus,” writes Nikolai Korney Chukovsky’s son, “Zabolotsky would be less surprised!”

With Natalia Roskina.
Horror and confusion replaced surprise. Grief led him to a 28-year-old Natalia Roskina, an unfamiliar editor-in-chief who loved his poems. But this relationship brought no one happiness.Zabolotsky was torn by feelings - he was fascinated by Natalia, but soon realized how much he loved his ex-wife.
Thus was born the cycle of lyrical poems "Last Love", dedicated to his wife Catherine and became one of the most poignant in Russian poetry. Stand alone in it is "Recognition" - a real masterpiece. Although it is considered the only poem in the cycle that the poet dedicated to Natalia, it is believed that the images of both women were merged here. Yes, and by the way, his wife Catherine soon returned to the poet - perhaps for the first time she realized that he really loves her.
Read "Recognition"
John Tolkien and the elf princess Edith

On the left - the real photo of Edith, on the right - an unknown craftsman added colors and painted loose hair, like an elf. Although the creators of the film adaptation didn’t set such a goal (although, who knows), Liv Tyler in The Lord of the Rings is very similar to her.
John Ronald Reuel Tolkien wrote off one of his main elven heroines from his wife, the beautiful Edith Bratt, who was short, black-haired, thin, light and musical. Romantic young man fell in love immediately, meeting her in his early youth in a boarding house.
Once in the first years of their marriage, they walked in the woods, and Tolkien then enthusiastically wrote: “The sun pierced the branches of the trees and gilded tall stems. Edith's hair seemed black as a raven's wing, gray eyes shone. She sang wonderfully - and danced in the sunny forest! ”
The dance of the wife inspired the writer to create a story about the love of the mortal warrior Beren and the elven princess Lúthien Tinuviel, who became central in the book The Silmarillion. Beren first sees Lúthien dancing in the hemlock forest. The story of Aragorn and Arwen in “The Lord of the Rings” was a retelling of this piercing story and in this form was the first to see the light.

Many difficulties stood in the way of the couple: in their youth, because of different faiths, relatives forbade John to see Edith (separation lasted three years), then a war happened, then a test of glory came.
But no problems and vicissitudes could darken the light of this youthful love, and the beautiful elf Edith-Luthien danced all her life in a forest glade hidden in the heart of the writer. “We have always (especially alone) met in a forest glade and so many times, hand in hand, left, fleeing from the shadow of certain death until our last separation,” wrote John to his son after the death of his beloved wife.

Tolkien said: "She was my Lúthien - and knew about it." John and Edith have lived together for fifty-five years. The wife died first, but the writer did not long survive her. On their gravestone in the Volverkot cemetery at Oskford, after the real names you can see the names "Beren" and "Luthien".

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