3D TVs: rating, review of the best models, advice on choosing and reviews of manufacturers

Over the past few years, stereoscopy has become a real technical trend and is rapidly gaining not only the minds and hearts of customers, but also store shelves. Almost every self-respecting brand has in its range one or more lines of 3D TVs.

The film industry continues to delight us with D-month-by-month, so there’s no problem with the content. But the quality of 3D in TVs depends not only on the video series, but also on the device itself, therefore, it is necessary to choose it with special care. In addition, the devices are quite expensive and nobody wants to pay extra money for the alleged presence of 3D.

So, we present to your attention a list of the best 3D TVs, which include the most intelligent models with a high-quality component and a lot of positive feedback from users.In order to somehow navigate the diversity presented on the market, let us begin with the manufacturers of 3D devices.


The lion's share of the segment of 3D TVs captured three venerable companies from South Korea and Japan: Sony, Samsung and LG. They have not only the largest sales, but also an abundance of service centers around the world. Newbies here are not allowed on the pedestals, and the competition is not just tough, but unprecedented.

TV manufacturers

Each manufacturer understands that it is possible to retain the customer only with high quality products and attractive prices, so they do not allow themselves any serious failures in terms of marriage or service. Reviews of these three brands are completely positive. Yes, users sometimes complain about high price tags, but there are no complaints about the technical part.

Of course, in the assortment of other companies you can find smart models. For example, 3D-TVs from Philips, Panasonic or Sharp are very popular in many countries, but not every model of these brands has a high quality component and balanced characteristics.And the reviews about them are not always unambiguous: either the matrix will fail, then the stand is inconvenient, and so on.

So it is better to choose similar equipment from proven manufacturers, who, as they say, have eaten a dog on such equipment and 3D TVs in particular. Next, we consider specific models that enjoy an enviable popularity among domestic consumers.

Rating TV with support for 3D is as follows:

LG 32LF620U

This is a relatively inexpensive and high-quality apparatus from a venerable brand. 32-inch screen is enough for comfortable viewing of video content in the average area of ​​the room. We should also note a good refresh rate of 550 PMI.

tv lg

LG's 3D TV has also distinguished itself with quite good speakers, so in some cases (a small room) there is no need to buy a separate speaker system. The only flaw that users complain about is the modest resolution. The expansions in 1366 to 768 dots seem to be enough, but if the network is closer to the screen, pixelation and soap are visible.

Advantages of the model:

  • high-quality IPS-matrix with a good update rate;
  • very good sound output;
  • the ability to convert 2D content into 3D;
  • built-in tuners for receiving both analog and digital broadcasting;
  • attractive price tag.


  • low screen resolution - 720 r (1366 x 768 px);
  • modest diagonal does not allow to fully assess the 3D effect.

LG 49LF640V

This is already a more serious 3D TV (Smart TV) with a claim to high quality 3D visualization, and at a reasonable price. The 49-inch device feels great in the role of a home cinema both in an ordinary apartment and in a large country house.

3d TV lg

The model received a very high-quality matrix that quietly masters Full HD-layout. So pixelization itself is not here. Some users look for some shortcomings on closer examination, but during the usual operation of the device, when you are on the couch and he is on the bollard, they do not notice anything critical.

Advantages of the model:

  • high-quality matrix with Full HD-sweep;
  • a large diagonal fully revealing the 3D effect;
  • support for all digital TV broadcast formats;
  • nice and cute design;
  • the ability to convert 2D content into 3D;
  • full support for smart TV;
  • abundance of interfaces for connecting peripherals.


  • modest margin of contrast and brightness of the backlight;
  • The maximum screen refresh rate is 50 Hz.

Samsung UE40H6400

This is a relatively inexpensive 3D TV from Samsung (Smart TV). The model received the most popular format of 40 inches, so it will look good in city apartments and small private houses. Also worth noting that the device compares favorably with its competitors cost. Devices of other brands with similar technical characteristics are much more expensive.

samsung tv

3D TVs "Samsung" has received an excellent matrix, which quietly "digests" Full HD-resolution. Also, users note the excellent audio component, which allows in some cases to refuse to buy a speaker system.

Model features

In addition, the device boasts a rich set of various interfaces, so there will be no problems connecting almost any peripherals. In the pros, you can also bring a nice looking appearance, reliable four-axial stand and full support for smart TV.

3d tv samsung

Advantages of the model:

  • excellent 3D visualization;
  • well implemented audio component;
  • nice appearance and narrow frames;
  • fast conversion of 2D content to 3D;
  • own media player with a lot of codecs;
  • abundance of connectors for peripherals;
  • more than adequate cost for the available characteristics.


  • a small margin of brightness;
  • a bit confusing menu and settings.

Sony KD-55X8505B

This is perhaps the best that this segment has to offer. The 55-inch model runs on an LED array and quietly copes with 4K resolution. Diagonal screen is enough even for a large cottage, not to mention the city apartments.

sony tv

The opinion of respected reviewers and the mass of positive feedback from users allow us to call the model ideal for the most demanding consumers. TV from venerable "Sony" is good in everything. Here and high-quality implemented 3D-visualization with UHD-resolution, and exceptional build quality, as well as a very attractive appearance that will be combined with any interior.

Distinctive features of the model

We should also mention the device interface. It is evident that it was created by people and for people.Despite the variety of tools, it is intuitive and simple. Even the user who has not seen such a technique will understand him.

It is also worth noting that the model fully supports digital sound class 5.1, so there will be no problems with acoustics: the system works on the principle of Plug and Play, that is, after switching on the platform will automatically detect the periphery and immediately suggest options for its use.

TV features

Of course, the purchase of this model will cost a tidy sum and many consumers consider the price tag to be the only drawback of the TV, but the quality has never been cheap. The device fully works out the money invested in it and pleases not only with an excellent picture and capabilities, but also with its appearance.

3d sony tv

Advantages of the model:

  • Matrix fully supports 4K scan;
  • excellent 3D visualization;
  • 5.1 digital sound;
  • support for all TV broadcast formats;
  • large supply of brightness and contrast;
  • intuitive menu;
  • attractive design.

No cons found.


The choice of such equipment depends largely on the desire of the consumer and its capabilities.If we are talking about a small apartment, then chasing the diagonal is completely useless. Your view simply will not be able to cover the entire picture presented and will have to turn his head.

But to buy too small a diagonal is impractical, especially for 3D visualization. For those whose budget is limited, but I really want to try out the 3D technology, there are always some low-cost options in the LG model range.

For more demanding users, we can recommend Samsung devices. There are also very high quality implemented various "smart" add-ons. Branded smart TV "Samsung" has long been considered the benchmark for other brands.

Well, and for those who do not accept the compromises, we can recommend to look at the shelves of Sony. Here you will find all the best, modern and in exceptional quality, but, of course, with the appropriate price tag.

It is also worth noting that you should not waste your time on Chinese consumer goods. Yes, gadgets from China are many times cheaper than analogues from venerable manufacturers. But the image quality along with the assembly leaves much to be desired. Such purchases are devoid of practicality.It is much more interesting to take the device, for example, for 50 thousand rubles and use it until it gets bored, than to exchange Chinese devices every six months or a year for 20-30 thousand rubles.

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