"12 chairs". Gaidai or Zakharov?

Two screen versions of the novel by Ilf and Petrov "12 chairs". The debate about which of them is better not subside, probably never. Someone closer is Leonid Gaidai’s two-part production, and Mark Zakharov’s four-time TV version to others. Some consider the best Bender Gomiashvili, while others do not recognize the other, except Mironov
In general, if for me, then it is not entirely correct to compare these two films so categorically. Although they are filmed on one novel, they are completely different. Different, even by genre. You say that he and the other comedy? Yes. But comedies are different too. Gaidai shot a classic eccentric comedy, which he was a great master. The genre of the TV version of Zakharov, I even find it difficult to name precisely. The musical is probably the closest definition. Zakharov himself called this film "a literary and musical composition with text that is not a direct speech"
But since they are still compared, let's compare
Let's start with the Great Combinator

Gaidai for the role of Ostap Bender after long trials, in which almost all male actors of suitable age probably participated, approved Archil Gomiashvili.Zakharov without any samples took Andrei Mironov
Ippolit Matveyevich Vorobyaninov

Gaidai’s role was played by Sergei Filippov. Zakharov - Anatoly Papanov
By the way, an interesting detail: both Mironov and Papanov tried out for these roles from Gaidai, but they did not convince the director. Zakharov also took them without trial: "Mironov and Papanov are not the people who need to be tried."
Father Fedor

Two brilliant work - Mikhail Pugovkina and Rolan Bykov
janitor Tikhon

Yuri Nikulin against Nikolay Skorobogatov
Blue Thief Alhen

Gregory Spiegel and Oleg Tabakov
Madame Gritsatsueva

Natalya Krachkovskaya and Lidiya Fedoseeva-Shukshina
mechanic Polesov

Nikolai Gorlov and Savely Kramarov
Kohl and Lisa Kalachev

Victor Pavlov and Natalia Varley against Victor Proskurin and Tatyana Bozhok

Natalia Vorobyova and Elena Shanina
engineer Schukin

Igor Yasulovich and Alexander Abdulov
one-eyed chess player

Savely Kramarov and Alexander Shirvindt
monter Mechnikov

Georgy Vitsin and Lev Borisov
engineer bruns with his wife

Vladimir Etush and Nina Grebeshkova opposite Mikhail Svetin and Galina Sokolova
Well, I think enough characters
It should be noted that 10 actors played in both versions (and two even the same role)
The most notable, of course, is Georgi Vitsin, who played the mechanic Mechnikov in Gaidai and the death services of the master Bezenchuk in Zakharov
Savely Kramarov - one-eyed chess player at Gaidai and mechanic Polesov at Zakharov
Gregory Spiegel - Al'hen the Blue Thief and Gaidai, and the editor of the newspaper “Stanok” in Zakharov
Yuri Medvedev - theater play at the theater "Columbus" by Gaidai and the chairman of the draw commission on the ship at Zakharov
Well, since we still compare, then let's vote
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Well, to put all the points above and one more vote
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Frames from the c / f "12 chairs" were used, dir. L. Gaidai, 1971 and t / f "12 chairs", dir. M.

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12 chairs. Gaidai or Zakharov 28

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