10 best films about dancing and dancers

7-04-2017, 13:00
A good dancer does not need complex special effects to bewitch the audience. This is true both on stage and on screen. A successful dance film is a beautiful, musical and dramatic performances that capture no worse than the most dizzying action. What movies do we mean? Together with the Film.ru portal we remembered ten best films about dances and dancers, in which the spectacular musical number becomes the culmination of the action.
Flash Dance (1983) / Flashdance

Before focusing on male and family blockbusters, producer Jerry Bruckheimer was involved in, among other things, paintings like The Flash Dance by Adrian Lyne. It was a romantic story about a welder who dreams of becoming a professional dancer and practicing her pas in a cabaret bar. The final solo performance of the main character is one of the most famous in the history of the genre. Songs from the soundtrack tape are still popular.

A Step Forward (2006) / Step Up

Young ladies and hooligans have nothing to do together - unless they create a symbiosis of street and ballet art on the dance floor. Ten years ago, the romantic dance drama Anne Fletcher found a new approach to the history of Romeo and Juliet and made Channing Tatum a star. “A step forward” has become so popular that its sequels - though without the participation of Tatum, but no less “hot” - came out until 2014. And even the last of them, “A Step Forward: Everything or Nothing,” paid off at the box office.

Dirty Dancing (1987) / Dirty Dancing

For us, Patrick Swayze is first and foremost the hero of "Ghosts." In America, he was strongly loved after the nostalgic dance melodrama “Dirty Dancing”. In it, the actor portrayed the resort dance teacher, who starts a love affair with a young student from a wealthy family. Why were their dances dirty? Because the action of the picture was developed in 1963, when there was still a notion of “decent” and “unworthy” dances. Thanks to "dirty dancing" song (I've Had) The Time of My Life is still considered one of the most romantic songs in American pop music.

Male striptease (1997) / The Full Monty

When traditional male professions evaporate like dew in the sun, real men have to learn activities that they had never even thought of before.Of course, if they want to remain earners, and not live on benefits and feel sorry for themselves. In the British tragicomedy Peter Cattaneo "Male striptease" former metallurgists learn to dance without clothes, because there is no other good work for them. The film received the main BAFTA British film award in the "best film" category, beating in the Titanic nomination.

Let's dance (1996) / Shall We Dance?

Powerful Japanese accountants are not supposed to dance. Is that in a fair drunk and in a narrow friendly circle. Therefore, the picture of Masayuki Suo made a big sensation in Japan. It was a movie about a wealthy but unhappy accountant who secretly practiced ballroom dancing to get along with an attractive woman, and gradually realized that dancing was more important to him than a potential novel. The tape was awarded 14 awards of the Japanese Film Academy. In 2004, a remake with Richard Gere came out in Hollywood, but outside the Japanese cultural context, the picture looked bad. Nevertheless, she also became a hit.

All This Jazz (1979) / All That Jazz

The main character of the musical Bob Voss literally lives in music. It is so important for its existence that even when in the final he dies of a heart attack, he presents himself on stage, surrounded by colleagues and spectators.Partly autobiographical picture predicted the fate of the director. Eight years after her release, he died of a heart attack near the theater where his musical was going. "All this jazz" won the "Golden Palm" of the Cannes Film Festival and four Oscars.

Strictly by the rules (1992) / Strictly Ballroom

Before starting to shoot musicals in Hollywood, Baz Luhrmann became famous in his native Australia. His debut musical romantic comedy told about a dancer who from childhood dreams of winning the international ballroom dance competition. However, the circumstances are such that, just a few weeks before the contest, the guy has to change his partner and start dancing with a girl who seems to him a nondescript and unworthy competition at the highest level. The film won eight awards from the Australian Film Institute and the Cannes Film Festival prize.

Artist (2011) / The Artist

The modern black-and-white silent film “The Artist” by Michel Hazanavichius takes viewers to a time when the sound film in Hollywood was still an innovative experiment, and not commonplace. The main characters of the film are an experienced silent film artist and an aspiring actress who becomes a star of sound tapes.After a lot of joint and separate adventures and experiences, they dance together in the finals of the taped musical in the finale of the band. The film received five Oscars. The leading actor Jean Dujardin became the first Frenchman to win an Oscar in the Best Leading Actor category.


My boyfriend is crazy (2012) / Silver Linings Playbook

In David O. Russell's tragicomedy, heroes often discuss American football than dance. But still the climax of the painting is the scene on the dance floor, not at the stadium. Throughout the film, the protagonists either pull each other away or push each other until they finally realize that they are in love in the final. And they are dancing not for the sake of winning in an amateur competition, but with happiness, that they have overcome their internal barriers and that nothing more prevents them from being together. The film was nominated for eight Oscars. Starring singer Jennifer Lawrence received her first statuette of the Film Academy.

Black Swan (2010) / Black Swan

Dance is not only a technique, but also an experience. Street dancing, ballroom dancing, professional ballet - everywhere it is important to feel that you are dancing, and to embody your emotions in movements. Therefore, for the squeezed “good girl” from the “Black Swan”, the performance of the party of the Black Swan in “Swan Lake” becomes a stumbling block.Natalie Portman, the heroine, has to find and release her “dark side” in order to penetrate into the essence of Tchaikovsky’s plan. And she gives her life to dance like she never danced. Darren Aronofsky's brilliant production was honored with an Oscar actor and four nominations for the statuette.

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