10 best books for parents

In parenting, all parents are professionals, but, like any professional, parents need to improve their skills. This will help our selection of the most useful and interesting literature about children, their development and needs.

Jean Ledloff - “How to raise a child happy. Principle of continuity "

"A parent who devotes all his time to caring for a child will soon become bored; besides, he will be bored for others and may well begin to treat the child in a bad way. The child expects him to become a participant in the life of a busy person from birth, will be in constant physical contact with him and will witness situations that he will have to face in adulthood. The child in his mother’s arms is passive. He observes. He is pleased to manifest attention towards him - kisses, tickling, picking flying into the air, etc. But his main occupation is to study the events of the world around him.This information helps the child to understand what the representatives of the society in which he lives in and thus prepares him for a more responsible life among people.To look inquiringly at a child who looks at you inquiringly is to interfere with the realization of this powerful impulse and thereby cause deep disappointment in the child and not allow his mind to develop properly. The child expects to see a strong, busy, dominant personality, in relation to which he can be of secondary importance, and in return receives an emotionally weak, servile human, ingratiating in front of him and trying to scoop out favor or approval from him. "

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