1 reason and 13 factors of kidney stones

27-04-2017, 12:30
People who have kidney stones are no less interested in the reason for their formation than treatment methods.
In Russia, there are up to 3 percent of people suffering from urolithiasis. And each person suffering from this disease asks - why are kidney stones formed? Such a question should not remain rhetorical.
Urologists say that there is no definite answer to this question.
The formation of kidney stones is influenced by many factors. In the article Causes of human urolithiasis, we raised the question of the causes of the disease.
It is time to open the topic more seriously and talk about where the kidney stones come from.
I will reveal the secret - there are very few causes of urolithiasis, or rather, they are not at all. Except one. But let's stop in more detail.
Kidney stones - what reason?

Causes of kidney stones are not a mass phenomenon. There is only one single reason why kidney stones begin to grow like mushrooms.This is a metabolic disorder, especially of the water-salt balance and chemical composition of the blood.

Metabolic disorders lead to many diseases. Among them is the formation of kidney stones, when an excess of salts appear in the urine, leading to the formation and growth of crystals.
If there is one reason why kidney stones are formed, then there are a lot of factors leading to a metabolic disorder and the appearance of a kidney stone disease.
Why kidney stones? Predisposing factors

I do not know, as in other regions, but in our Southern Urals, the water is very hard. Even filtering does not always help. I wonder in which areas the water is soft?
It is obvious that those living in such regions should apply all methods and means for cleaning and softening water.
All suits - and water filters that reduce water hardness, and folk water softeners. In this case, the risk of urolithiasis will significantly decrease.
2.Frequent abuse of spicy, fried, salty, sour
These products increase the acidity of urine, where kidney stones come from. This also includes the abuse of mineral water and ordinary salt.
It is necessary to reduce the consumption of such dishes, which significantly reduces the probability of not only the formation of kidney stones, but also many other diseases. Not in vain in all cases of disease, doctors advise to eat right. There is a wise saying: "We are what we eat." And if we are fond of fried potatoes, then it's a shame to ask why kidney stones appear.
3. Insufficient fluid intake.
Many people neglect this rule. The more a person consumes less fluid, the more concentrated becomes urine.
Salts in the urine, when dissolved, crystallize, which is why kidney stones are born.
Increasing the volume of fluid consumed will dilute the blood and urine and flush out harmful substances, preventing crystals and stones in the urinary tract from forming.
Increase fluid intake is necessary to the extent that will not adversely affect the body.
In other words, 2 to 3 liters per day will be sufficient. If only it did not negatively affect the work of the organs, first of all, the heart. Therefore, only an individual approach - drinking enough water, but so as not to harm yourself.
4. Climatic conditions
This reason for the appearance of kidney stones echoes that in the third paragraph. In hot climates with a small intake of fluid leads to dehydration. Salt concentrations result in stone formation.
Especially not prepared by people who fall from the usual climate in the hot. An unadapted organism cannot cope with the heat, sweating increases. As a result, prerequisites for stone formation are created.
5. Hypodynamia
Remember the eponymous song V. Leontiev? A still life is the scourge of the modern world. A lot of diseases appear from it, as there is stagnation in the body - the blood does not circulate and does not properly nourish the internal organs.
Lying patients are seriously susceptible to kidney stones due to their forced position. A sedentary lifestyle is even worse. People began to sit all day at computers, in front of TVs, etc. Meanwhile, the statistics says unequivocally: "Sitting increases the risk of death by up to 40 percent." No more and no less.
Even deep wrinkles will disappear in 2 weeks, if you spread it on the night ...
In the stationary state, the musculoskeletal system ceases to function normally, due to which calcium is leached from the bones.And this leads to an increase in calcium in the blood and, consequently, in the urine. Increased calcium in the urine - increased risk of kidney stone formation.
It is necessary to walk more, ride a bike, do not use the elevator, and climb and descend on foot. If possible, do not be lazy and use any opportunity to move, even the smallest.
Kidney stones like calm people. So stop being so!
6. Disorders of kidney and urinary tract
Injuries to the kidneys, stasis of urine. Due to the narrowing of the ureter, the upper urinary tract, due to the violation of the activity of the urinary system, a violation of urine flow occurs. This leads to infections and the formation of salt crystals, turning into stones.
It is necessary to identify such violations as early as possible and take all measures to return the functions of the organs of the urinary system to normal.
7. Infections of the urinary tract and chronic diseases of the urogenital system and gastrointestinal tract (gastrointestinal tract)
These include cystitis, pyelonephritis, gastritis, prostatitis, prostate adenoma, peptic ulcer, etc.
Any infection can lead to metabolic disorders.The inflammatory process is very important to timely detect and cure.
Since everything in the body is interconnected, a healthy lifestyle will prevent many diseases. Otherwise, one disease will lead the other, the other will lead the third, and so on to infinity. The bouquets of diseases are formed exactly this way - step by step, incrementally and in arithmetic progression.
8. Hereditary predisposition
If your blood relatives have suffered or are suffering from urolithiasis, the risk of sand and stones you have is increasing.
With heredity can only fight the right nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Then the risks will be minimized.
9.Diseases and injuries of bones
These include osteoporosis, osteomyelitis and others. It is necessary to carry out the correct and timely treatment.
10.Lack or excess of vitamins
Do not abuse the vitamins of group C, and it is necessary to observe the balance of consumption of vitamins of group D. And the lack of essential vitamin A also leads to metabolic disorders and the formation of stones - proven by doctors.
11. The lack of ultraviolet rays
A little sun definitely won't hurt the body, but its deficiency can lead to the development of diseases.
12. Excessive consumption of diuretics and alcohol
Many diuretic drugs lead to rapid loss of fluid in the body. It also leads to the concentration of salts in the urine and the formation of stones.
Use diuretics should be careful, and only if there is evidence, in compliance with the instructions of the doctor.
This can also be attributed, and excessive use of alcohol, which poisons the body as a whole.
13. Increased intake of certain drugs.
Many drugs, such as sulfonamides, ascorbic acid, lead to an imbalance in the body and the formation of stones.
All drugs should be used only after consulting a doctor and in the required doses.
Metabolic disorders can occur quickly, and can gradually - all individually, who has what organism.
These are the main causes of kidney stones. Now you know how kidney stones are formed. Before turning to the conclusion, I suggest watching a useful video clip of the program “Health”, which deals with the kidneys - the filter of our body.
Information is more expensive than money.If we know why kidney stones cause their formation, we have information on how to protect ourselves from this scourge, which is called urolithiasis.

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